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Featured Date with Verified Male Member 2613 - Age 54

  • 04 Jan 2019
  • 6:30 PM
  • Oklahoma City


  • Payment of this $10.00 preview fee enables you to see the profile and photo of Member 2613. You can then register to attend the date if you so choose.

    A preview is only available for your convenience. It is not necessary for you to purchase the Preview to register for this date.

Registration is closed

This is a Featured Date with Male Member 2613.  Member 2613 is a 54 year old White Male Member. 

There is a profile and photo available for this member if you choose to register and pay the $10.00  Preview Fee for this member.

If you register and pay for this date you will then be notified and asked for your choice of a restaurant for your date.  Your Matchmaker will make the reservation for your date.  Each registrant will be notified by e-mail of the final date details.  

One the day of the date, you will arrive at the restaurant and ask for the reservation name you were given in your e-mail with the final date details.  You will be seated with your date.

Each member is responsible for paying for their own meal on the date.

Due to the fact that there is not a hostess at the event, all event fees must be paid prior to the event using a credit card. This event is open to the public.

You will be contacted by e-mail two hours prior to the beginning event time and notified if the event is cancelled.

If the event is cancelled, you will be given an option of keeping your event fee as a credit, or having it refunded to you.

Please contact Eileen Eleftherakis at (405) 612-7408 with any questions.

The Event Location, which is a low to medium prices restaurant in Oklahoma City, will be e-mailed to attendees once the event fees have been paid.

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