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Because City Social Club LLC, is a private membership club for SINGLES ONLY, all applicants must meet our standards of qualification.  Marriage after enrollment in City Social Club immediately terminates membership. City Social Club hereby reserves the right, in its sole, absolute and subjective discretion to terminate this membership or withhold membership benefits from anyone who attempts to abuse, exploit or use City Social Club services or a City Social Club member for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose, activity or behavior, or for any reason it deems appropriate. City Social Club does not run any kind of background checks (including criminal or marital background checks) on it's potential members for any of it's memberships, including members who have signed up for the Personal Matchmaking and Dating Service.  City Social Club was created for and is committed to creating fun and enjoyable events and activities for single adults.  

Membership Benefits: City Social Club will make available to you, as a Member of City Social Club, access to various events and activities provided you continue to remain eligible. Events will be posted online, accessible through your online membership. You will generally have a chance to sign up for these activities or events on a first come, first served basis. You understand that not all events and activities will always have enough openings for all Members who wish to take part. The selection of activities made available by City Social Club shall be made by City Social Club, at its sole discretion. While some activities and events will be made available to you at no cost, you understand that other events require that you pay additional "Event Fees" in advance at the time you register for the activity, or at the event location

You understand that in order to participate in any event, you must register for that event through your online membership account. You understand and agree that your participation in City Social Club events can take place only if you are a member of City Social Club in good standing. You agree not to bring guests to City Social Club events unless it is expressly permitted in the City Social Club event description. You may bring the same guest to one (1) City Social Club events per year. After that, that individual must join City Social Club in order to participate. Broadcasting City Social Club events or event locations or location addresses to non-members or to the general public without the express permission of City Social Club is prohibited. Activity that jeopardizes the attendance and quality of any City Social Club event, such as broadcasting City Social Club events or one's own events or event locations or location addresses to non-members will result in immediate termination of your City Social Club membership (see Our Right to Cancel Your Membership below).

You understand that the activities offered by City Social Club may vary from time to time and will be selected as City Social Club deems appropriate in its sole discretion. City Social Club makes no warranties, representations or guarantees regarding the nature, frequency, location, cost or quantity of or membership participation in any events. It is up to you and other Members to sign up for and attend events. Events with registrations of less than five (5) are either cancelled or rescheduled in order to ensure the quality and participation of events. You agree that City Social Club' sole obligation is provide access to these event descriptions via the City Social Club website at the time you join. You understand that that obligation is met and fulfilled in its entirety upon your membership.

You Assume Risk of Injury, Death, or Damage: You understand that participation in the events and activities sponsored by City Social Club may involve risk of injury, death or damage to you or your property. At all times, Member has the choice of participating or not participating in any given Activity. Of those Activities in which Member chooses to participate, Member agrees to accept full responsibility for the decision to participate. You also understand that neither City Social Club nor any of its directors, shareholders, officers, employees, volunteer event coordinators, members, or subsidiaries have any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, death or injury to you, your guests, or you or your guest's property resulting from: You or your guest's or any other member's or non-member's participation in any City Social Club event, City Social Club providing transportation (such as by air, rail, bus or private vehicle) either directly or by use of an independent service or by carpooling with members, guests, employees, Director or Owner of City Social Club.

Limitations of Remedies: Member's only remedy against City Social Club or its Affiliates for breaking a promise in this documentation or breaking any applicable law shall be to cancel their City Social Club membership.

Indemnity/Reimbursement: You agree to reimburse and pay City Social Club and its Affiliates for any and all loss (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which occur due to claims resulting from (i) your Membership in City Social Club; (ii) you or your guest's participation in City Social Club sponsored events and activities; (iii) any inaccuracies or failure to disclose information by you or your guests; (iv) any service provided to you or your guests by City Social Club or its Affiliates; and (v) any action by any other Member or guest arising out of or related to your Membership.

Membership Base: You understand that City Social Club encourages all qualified individuals to join City Social Club and trusts each Member to accurately complete all portions of the online Membership application. City Social Club also respects each Member's right to privacy. Thus, it is your responsibility alone to determine whether to interact with any other member or guest whether at any City Social Club sponsored event or otherwise and you voluntarily take all risks associated with such interaction and your membership.

Our Right to Cancel Your Membership: City Social Club reserves the right to cancel any Membership if the Member behaves in a manner that disrupts or interferes with the City Social Club' activities, fails to abide by the policies or regulations adopted by City Social Club from time to time, or acts in a threatening, inappropriate or disrespectful manner toward City Social Club staff or other Members or their property. City Social Club reserves the right to cancel the membership of members who cancel an event and/or date of any kind (Matchmaker, Single or Double Blind Date) within 24 hours of the event and/or date begin time and then refuses to pay the event fees for that cancellation.  City Social Club may be obligated to tell other Members the reason why another Member's Membership has been canceled, if in City Social Club' opinion, such disclosure may be necessary to protect the safety or welfare of other Members or their property. This includes written complaints by other members which can be used as a reason to terminate this Membership. Members give up and release City Social Club and its Affiliates from any and all claims and liabilities related to City Social Club telling other Members about the reasons for cancellation.

Your Right to Cancel Your Membership: You may cancel your membership by sending an email to and requesting that your membership be terminated. Your membership will remain active and is not cancelled until you receive a confirmation email from City Social Club verifying that your cancellation has in fact been processed.  All Annual Memberships, Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum are non refundable.

Club Event Cancellations: (Not including Matchmaker Dates)  You agree to adhere to City Social Club' event cancellation policy. Whether an event is free or has a fee associated with it, if you register for any event and must cancel for any reason, you must use the cancellation feature of the website. If for some reason you are unable to cancel using the cancellation feature on the website you are required to cancel your registration by sending an e-mail to the Club Director or by calling or texting the Director at (405) 612-7408.  

There is a "no refund" policy for paid events if you cancel within 23 hours of that event begin time.  All cancellations for Paid events must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event and must be done by either sending an e-mail to the Club Director at or by calling or texting the Director at (405) 612-7408.   

Simply cancelling your registration or RSVP on the or the websites is not is not an acceptable way to cancel your registration and get a refund for the event fees.  All cancellations that are made at least 24 hours prior to the event begin time and are done through e-mail to or by a phone call or text messages to the Club Director at (405) 612-7408 will receive a full refund, less any refund charges made through Paypal or

Any Cancellations regarding dates (Whether they be Matchmaker Dates or Single or Double Blind Dates) must be made at least 24 hours prior to the date begin time to receive a full refund.  All cancellations of matchmaker dates and single of double blind dates must be done through e-mail to or by a phone call or text the Club Director at (405) 612-7408.  If you do not cancel a date at least 24 hours prior to the date begin time, you will be charged the date event fee regardless of whether or not you have paid the event fees at the time of the cancellation.  Failure to attend a date will result in the termination of that member's membership.

Membership Information: You agree that City Social Club owns the information you provide to us about yourself for the sole purpose of providing you with this service and will not be sold or transferred to any other agencies at anytime.

Rights to Publicity: You understand and agree that City Social Club may take photographs and make videos and/or audio recordings of you, your voice and your statements during club events (collectively, the "Reproductions"). If you do not choose for your photographs, video's or audio recordings to be presented in any print or online postings, promotions or advertisements, please make your request through e-mail to the City Social Club director at  Photos of you from other Websites such as Facebook etc. may be copied and used in your dating profile for the City Social Club Matchmaking Service if it is deemed that the photo is a better representation of you than the photo you provided in your membership application/profile or provided during the Matchmaking interview or via e-mail or text messages.

Membership Non-Assignable / Non-Transferable: You understand that your Membership is personal to you and that you may not transfer or assign it to any other individual.

You Give Up Claims: You hereby give up and release City Social Club, its Shareholders, Officers, Employees, or volunteer event coordinators from any and all claims, defenses or rights of offset arising out of your membership and/or association, and City Social Club sponsored events or activities in which you participate or any contact or communication between you and any other City Social Club Member or guest. These claims include, but are not limited to, the transmission of any infectious diseases or the criminal or other conduct of any Member or guest of a Member.

Membership Policies and Regulations: You agree to abide by all policies and regulation adopted by City Social Club from time to time. You also agree that City Social Club may establish or change such policies and regulations without notice as City Social Club, in its sole opinion, deems beneficial to its Membership. One of these most important policies addresses courtesy to other members and to the City Social Club event staff so that the events run smoothly.

Credit Card or Check NSF / Late Fees / Chargebacks: A fee of at least $40.00 and a collections fee of at least $20.00 will be automatically assessed by City Social Club for credit card chargebacks, refunds not authorized by City Social Club, returned checks or failed credit or account draft due to insufficient funds, your account closed or other circumstances. This fee may be adjusted by City Social Club from time to time. Immediate collections action will result and additional fees will apply if these terms are violated.

Governing Law: This service shall be governed and interpreted in accordance of the laws of the state of Oklahoma.

Severability: In the event that any of the provisions herein are unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall stay in effect. You and City Social Club will give full effect to the intent of the provisions held to be enforceable and valid, unless the invalid provisions relate to the obligation to pay fees, in which event City Social Club may cancel this.

Entire Membership: This document, together with your application, any forms signed by you either online electronically or in person in connection with this service or any specific event sponsored by City Social Club and the written policies and regulations provided to all Members, as amended from time to time, make up the full and complete agreement between you and City Social Club. There are no spoken or other agreements that affect or modify what is here. Any prior spoken or written representations, promises, contracts or agreements are completely replaced by this document. You and City Social Club may only change this document by a written agreement signed by an officer of City Social Club. You agree that you have not acted in reliance upon any spoken or written agreements, promises or representations not written in this document. If you do not understand or agree with this Disclaimer, make certain you do before you sign it either physically or electronically.

No Waiver: No action or omission of City Social Club means that City Social Club gives up any right herein unless evidenced by a written instrument signed by City Social Club. If City Social Club gives up its rights at one time, it does not mean that City Social Club gives up its rights to any future date or at other events.


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