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                          Personal Matchmaking Testimonials

The following are actual e-mail messages sent to City Social Club's Personal Matchmaker.

(E-mail message to Eileen on 7/19/20)

Hi Eileen,

Hope you are well. I thought you'd be happy to know that Aaron proposed to me recently and we are engaged now! I wanted to say a BIG thank you for helping us meet each other! Aaron's a great guy and I'm glad I met him.  

Take care,


(E-mail message to Eileen on 3/11/19)

I wanted to let you know that Richard and I are married now after meeting through your Matchmaking Service.

Bonnie - Age 50 OKC

(E-mail  message to Eileen on 1/12/18)

Steve and I are engaged so I will no longer need your matchmaking services.  Thanks for bringing us together.

from Debbie  (age 65)

From Eileen to Debbie:

That's exciting news.  Didn't you and Steve meet at one of our Singles Events?

Yes, we met at your Christmas Party at Bill's Steakhouse in 2016.

(E-mail message on 3/3/17)

Never did get back to you, Barb and I were married last December. She is a great gal and I appreciate you introducing us. She was my first date, and I was hers.   City Social Club sure was the right thing for us.

Thanks again

Pat - Age 59 OKC  

Update (E-mail message on 3/1/17)

I am still dating Chris, we will be dating for 4 months this weekend! We are going on a camping trip this weekend, super excited!

Thank you for your time,

Emily - Age 22 Stillwater

(E-mail message on 12/27/16)


I wanted to let you know that Chris and I are still going strong. We spent thanksgiving and Christmas together and it was so much fun! I love him very much. Thank you so much for introducing us! I think it is a "success" story, if you wanted to put it on your website.

Emily - Age 22 Stillwater

Facebook Message -"Just think...your social club played a part in this.." from Susan on 11/21/16 - 
Richard and Susan were married on 11/19/16.  (They met at a City Social Club Event).

(E-mail message on 6/28/16)

Meet ups on dating sites just don't work for me. They work for many. I thought after being single for 16 years, I would try something different. Eileen matched me with a truly interesting, fun, mannerly man. We have so many things in common. I wondered how that happened? I think Eileen has great insight for matchmaking.

Janice - Oklahoma City

(E-mail message on 2/13/16)

Hi Eileen:

Thank you for keeping me in mind.  I do appreciate it.   I have been seeing Barbara, from my first date you set me up with.  We have been going out a lot since December, so I am off the market.

She is a great girl and thanks for helping us meet.


Pat - Age 57 OKC

(E-mail message on 7/8/15)


One year ago you sent me this man's profile. You set up a dinner date at Ted's for Friday 7/18/14. We enjoyed each others company and had a lot in common. He asked me out on another date and the rest is history. We aren't officially engaged but planning on getting married in the near future. I don't believe in coincidences. God allowed us to cross paths for a reason. Rich is my best friend and what I have been praying for in a spouse for years. I couldn't have hand picked him any better.

I really liked that you interviewed people first. Rich and I tried other online dating sites unsuccessfully which lead us to try your idea. I think you have great incite.

I thought I would share this exciting news with you so that you know you are making a difference in some people's lives. Many times we don't hear positive things about our jobs so I wanted to thank you for what you do.


Bonnie - Age 46 OKC 

(E-mail Message on 2-4-2015)

Hi Eileen,

I'm still with Justin. You paired us up Aug. 27th, 2014. We are doing well and very happy together. We just booked a trip to Italy this summer. Thank you again for providing the access to each other. You did awesome!

Thank you,

Julie - Age 56 Norman

(E-mail Message on  1-6-2015)

Hi Eileen,

I Just wanted to let you know Kasey and I are having a baby. A friend of hers is throwing a shower for us and I wanted to invite you.

A local Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, OK

Saturday, January 31st
2-4 pm

We know you were not able to make it to our wedding back in April since it was on Easter.
Just wanted to include you on this as you are the start of it all  - hahahaa.

James - Age 35 Oklahoma City

Please contact Eileen Eleftherakis, City Social Club's Matchmaker Exraordinaire, by e-mail at or by telephone at (405) 612-7408, with any questions you may have regarding the Personal Matchmaking Service. 


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