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                                             DATE COACHING

Most people think that dating and conversational skills come naturally. However, after meeting and interviewing many hundreds of singles for the City Social Club Matchmaking Services, difficulties in this area are not uncommon.   There is a segment of the population for whom dating is unnatural and difficult to master.  For these people, going on dates is stressful and torturous, and meeting new people and beginning new relationships is definitely unchartered territory and anxiety inducing.  

City Social Club believes that everyone deserves the happiness and joy of a long lasting, meaningful relationship. We started our Date Coaching services in order to help this segment of people overcome their reservations, and experience the joys of dating and getting into a relationship.

Hourly Session - $50.00

Package of 2 hourly sessions - $90.00

Package of 4 hourly sessions - $150.00 (includes 1 practice date)

Please contact Eileen Eleftherakis, City Social Club's Matchmaker and Date Coach Exraordinaire, by e-mail at or by telephone at (405) 612-7408, with any questions you may have regarding the Date Coaching Services.

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